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From the Blog:

The Alchemy of Darkness – Entering the Season of Metal

October 7, 2014

Lately I’ve been thinking about the word “darkness.” When I hear someone say, “I’m having these dark thoughts” or “that was a very dark time for me,” I get that they assume I’m right there with them, making the same familiar association between darkness and evil, darkness and pain, darkness and suffering, darkness and generic badness of every variety.
But I’m not.

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Meet Benjamin and Lorie

Benjamin Fox & Lorie Dechar

Co-Founders of A New Possibility

Welcome! We are committed to transformational healing rooted in the belief that all change begins for humans with the willingness to look within, and that healing within ourselves and in our relationship to others creates change on a global scale.

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Five Spirits, the book

The Five Spirits have been capturing the hearts and imaginations of practitioners and patients all over the world since the publication of Lorie’s book in 2006. Five Spirits introduces readers to the little known Taoist “chakra” system and returns the sacred to the domain of healing. Through myth, symbols, dreams, and real-life case examples, the Five Spirits will open you to Chinese medicine as alchemy and offer a view of your body and our planet as vessels of spiritual transformation.

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